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La France

France charmed me all over again, not that I’m surprised. A nation that takes 2-hour lunches and loves bread, wine and cheese would always have my heart, but she really outdid herself. Wandered medieval villages in Champagne, jogged through electric-green vineyards and soaked in magical Strasbourg. With its half-timbered houses and cobblestone streets and bridges, Strasbourg is Grimm’s fairy tale meets Paris chic with a splash of Amsterdam. I only wish I discovered the city sooner. The food intrigued me with its French, German and Alsatian influences, and there was that unmistakable French joie de vivre, best exemplified by last week’s Fete de la Musique, where the city (like all of France’s cities, towns and villages) shut down and celebrated

In the Petite France neighborhood of Strasbourg, France

the summer solstice with free music performances. A seriously rockin’ good time.


Ireland – Top 5

5) Guinness beer…tastes even better on chilly, overcast Irish days, of which there are many; 4) Exceedingly friendly locals, the stories they tell and their charming although at times incomprehensible accents; 3) Full Irish breakfasts; 2) Meat pies; and 1) Live traditional Irish music…makes me wish I had stuck with the violin back in 6th grade.

Medieval Times

I would never want to live in medieval Europe. No indoor plumbing and no central heating made for a dirty, smelly, drafty and infested existence. However, medieval castles are pretty darn cool. Visited Trim CastleTrim Castle in Ireland, the site where Braveheart was filmed. Got my fill of arrow slits and murder holes and learned random facts like most tower staircases run clockwise (to give the advantage to right-handed defenders) and that the worst job in history is the gongfarmer.

Eating in Ireland

I love meat pies. Few things make me happier than biting into the soft, gooey inside crust of a pie soaked in braised meat juices. Recently in Ireland, I ate chicken and mushroom pies, steak and Guinness pies and daily full Irish breakfastsIrish breakfast with immaculate egg, fried tomato, potatoes, mushrooms, bacon, sausage, black & white pudding and brown bread. If I lived there permanently, I’d be very fat…but very happy.