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Paris on two wheels

Last week, I discovered the joy of Vélib’, Paris’ public bicycle program.  Instead of taking the Métro or walking from arrondisement to arrondisement, I headed to one of the city’s 750 automated rental stations, popped in my credit card and voilà…pulled out a bicycle with which I could tool around town.  It was convenient (stations are scattered no more than 300 meters from one another), cheap (the first half hour is free) and eco-friendly.

And while bicycling through the city sometimes had its challenges, such as dodging buses in the dedicated dual bike/bus lanes, it was an overall exhilarating experience.  From careening down narrow medieval ruelles to soaking in the city’s most famous monuments along the Seine at night, the City of Lights is as romantic on two wheels as it is au pied.  Très chouette!

Velib - Paris' public bicycle system